A Woman’s Guide to Fixing Common Plumbing Problems

A Woman’s Guide to Fixing Common Plumbing Problems

Being an independent woman entails a lot of responsibilities. If you are living alone, you have to know how to fix common plumbing problems because it can make a difference at the end of the day. If you know how you won’t need to call for help and pay extra. The good news is that some plumbing problems can be remedied if you know what to do.

This section will give you basic ideas on how to handle plumbing problems. But before that, it is imperative that you secure plumbing supplies first. These supplies are available to the nearest hardware store. If you do not know about the specifications, you can ask questions. Do not hesitate, as it is part of the learning process.

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You do not need to be an expert to tackle plumbing. Here is the list of common plumbing problems and how you can remedy it:

For blocked traps

Blockages happen in your basin traps. You can find your basin traps under your sink. To unclog, you need a bowl, bucket, unused toothbrush and replacement. First, undo the sink trap and make sure to put the bowl beneath it so it can catch water. Look for debris and remove it using the toothbrush. Clean the trap in the bucket of water. Replace the trap especially if you see it is worn out.

For leaking shower water pressure

You are wondering why your shower flow is reduced in the past few weeks. This is because of a lime buildup. This can be remedied easily using a descaling product. You need a descaling product and screwdriver. First, unscrew the head of the shower from the attached hose. Then unscrew plate spray and soak in descaling product. Let it sit for few hours. Clean it before attaching a new shower head.

For clogged sink drains

If you notice that your bathroom sink is slow draining, it is time to fix the plumbing. You need a drain plug adjustment arm. First, you need to detach the spring using the adjustment arm and remove the ball valve you see in the sink trap. If you see the pop-up plug, remove it and clean the debris.

For slow draining tubs

Another common problem is slow draining of tubs. This is perhaps the easiest thing to be remedied. The hair is the usual culprit. Clearing hair debris is not very had. If you see a tub stopper, remove it first so you can thoroughly remove the hair clog.

For stopped-up toilets

If you notice that the water in the flush rises up to the rim but then drains slowly, there is a problem with the toilet trap – it is blocked. To unblock, you need a toilet jack. Put the jack in the drum and tighten the nut. Rotate the jack so it tunnels to the waste system and removes the blockage.

Congratulations on your new feat! Who said fixing plumbing is such a hard job? When tackling plumbing, be patient and do not be afraid to get your hands dirty.

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