Access Control System Components

Access Control System Components

At the dawn of the modern era, several new innovations have appeared recently that have led to a paradigm shift in how everything was done safely. While previously all access control systems were more or less analog and included locks and physical keys, at the dawn of the modern era, it moved to the digital world and several devices that often function in duo to sometimes create buildings of impenetrable security.

Access control devices often consist of several different components, and these different components work independently or in conjunction with others:

– Access cards. Almost everyone who has access control Singapore systems has access to the cards, this is the equivalent of secrets, and they will have certain digital codes that are unique to him, but not for anything else. This unique identification guarantees the privileges of the cardholder to gain access to a specific door or item that can be accessed after proper verification.

– Credit card reader: for a credit card to work there must be there. Credit card readers, which are often set next to the entry / exit point, so that someone using the card can enter or exit after checking. Basically, there are two ways to verify these cards: one of them is to use the card so that the owner can place the card in the target audience or hold it next to the device a few inches away, which makes the visitor provide access to the person.

– Keyboard access control. An alternative to the existing greeting card reader system is the presence of a keyboard system, which entails the need to create an access control keyboard that has statistical numbers and assigns a unique quantity code that works.

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