Advantages of solenoid valves

Advantages of solenoid valves

Solenoid valves are actuators of an automated instrument. They are used is a wide variety of instruments. They are very commonly used in many of the systems and devices. The reason for their popularity is that they are cheap, lightweight and many other reasons. We have listed out some of the main advantages of using an air solenoid valve in place of other regulating valves.

Leakage Management

In the case of solenoid valves, leakage may be either internal or external. These leakages are a great threat to safety. In order to solve the problem of external leakage of the valve stem dynamic sealing, the stem valve of the self-regulating valve is extended and the electric, hydraulic, pneumatic actuators control the rotation of the valve. The electromagnetic force in solenoid valves has an effect on the steel core which is sealed inside the magnet-isolation sleeve. Since there is no dynamic sealing, it is easier to block the external leakage.

Internal leakage is prone to happen since the torque in solenoid valve is hard to control. However, in the structural form of the solenoid valve, the internal leakage is easier to control until it is reduced to zero. Thus, using a solenoid is safe and is suitable for a corrosive, toxic medium which is of high or low temperature.

valve stem dynamic sealing

Quick response time and lightweight

Solenoid valves have a response time of several milliseconds. The pilot solenoid valve has a response time of tens of milliseconds. It is more sensitive than the self-control valve due to self-loop. The solenoid valves are designed in such a way that their coil power consumption is very low which makes it an energy efficient product. It can also be done that when the action is triggered, the position of the valve is automatically kept. This does not consume power at all. Moreover, the solenoid valve size is small, which saves room and is also lightweight and beautiful in appearance.

Simplicity, cheap and accessible

The solenoid valve structure is simple and low in cost. Its installation and maintenance are also easier as compared to other regulating valves. The composition of the automatic control system is cheaper and simpler. The solenoid valves can also be connected to the computer as it is controlled by a switch signal. Since it can be used with a computer and is cost-effective, these advantages of the solenoid valve are more valuable.


Solenoid valves are the best choice in terms of cost, weight, accessibility,and safety.

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