Different Types Of Commercial Printing Services In Hickory, NC

Different Types Of Commercial Printing Services In Hickory, NC


Have you noticed the different business cards that you come across? How unique and sophisticated each of them looks. Some are glossy, some have a matte finish. The arena of commercial printing expanded so much to accommodate the newly emerging styles. There are different types of commercial printing services in Hickory, NC.

Commercial printing and its types

Commercial printing is a type of printing that includes the printing of business cards, brochures, and other notices for formal purposes. You would have noticed many types of these printed materials around.

  • Digital printing: Digital printing is a type of commercial printing services in Hickory, NC. It is commonly used due to its cheaper production cost, but good quality prints. You can use a full-colour print at a reduced cost compared to other methods of printing. The speed of printing is also commendable. You can attain a large number of prints within a short time. This makes this type of printing more convenient and user-friendly.
  • Offset lithography: Another major type of printing technique, it is usually considered as a traditional one. Usually, offset lithography is employed in cases where you require a huge volume of prints at a time. when the production volume is massive, this type of printing is a go-to for many people. It uses metal plates and rollers for the printing to be done. It enables you to acquire high-quality prints on paper.
  • Large format: This is a type of printing where you print out large images to gain a lot of attention. The quality, hues and shades become important in these printing. The print should be attractive enough for more people to notice it. Hence, quality is a non-negotiable factor. Massive posters, banners etc come under this type of printing. Have you noticed huge jewellery advertisement banners on the side of the road that catches your attention while you travel? It is the splash of colours and quality of print that attracts you to the image first.

When opting for commercial printing services, make sure you choose one that does not compromise quality. Your prints need to be perfect to be able to do their purpose.

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