Top Manicure Secrets That Your Salon Won’t Share

Top Manicure Secrets That Your Salon Won’t Share

Doing your own nails does not simply save you time and money but it gives you that much needed “me” time as you go through the preparations for great looking nail painting sessions. This is not something that is rocket science and with constant practice and repetition, you too can have that awesome and salon-perfect nails that all your friends will envy. Take a look at how to do it below.

Educate Yourself

 As should be the case with everything that you actually put into your body, take the time to read the labels and learn what sort of chemical is in your everyday nail polish like Semipermanentes as this will give you an idea of which one are free from harsh chemicals that will harm you instead of making your nails look better. Do not only focus on the components of the pigmentation but also on how to correctly do it. Knowledge of how things should be before the application will ensure a hassle-free nail painting session and amazing salon-like results.

Use The Correct Materials

 Using the correct materials covers the application of the tools according to what they were made for. This means that when doing it yourself, make sure you use the base coat as a base coat and not as a top coat. While they may be similar, their composition does not allow them to be interchanged. The base coat will have a matte finish and will not be as glossy when used as a top coat. The top coat will not have the components to provide that stickiness to make the polish adhere to your nails as much as a proper base coat would. Using both of them as to their manufacturer’s specification would actually make the nail polish last twice as long without them.

Never Cut Your Cuticles

The cuticles are never meant to be cut, they only need to be pushed a little bit and that too should not be too much. Cutting the cuticles will only lead to fraying and will actually offer less protection from bacteria and fungus. The cuticles are there for a reason, do not cut them off.

Prepare Your Hands, Among Other Things.

Perhaps as important as preparing the nails itself is to make sure you soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes. Not only will this relax you but it will soften your cuticles as well, making it easy to push and manipulate into the desired shape. This also includes freeing up about a couple of hours from your schedule, to make sure that the paint job has enough drying and curing time. Nail painting jobs are optimally strongest and will last the longest when allowed to cure and dry properly.

Do Not Skimp On Your Manicure Polish

If you are thinking that you can save by buying cheap nail polish, think again. Sure they might save you money now but how long will they stay on your nails? Maybe a couple of days at most. Spare yourself the trouble and make sure you buy from a reputable brand and store. If you plan on doing it yourself, investing in a manicure kit is an excellent and necessary purchase.

Sanitize Your Kit

After each use, make sure to sanitize your manicure kit, to ensure that no bacteria will grow on it until you take it out for its next use.

Wrapping Up

Doing your own manicure or pedicure has its perks. Not only will you not be pressured into choices that you do not like but you will save an enormous amount of time  and money. With repetition, your nail painting job will actually be better than what a salon could ever give you.

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